Saving Paws of Caldwell recognizes the need for a spay/neuter program that will help with the out of control pet population in our parish. There is a regional program for low income families already. We are hoping to help those that do not qualify for this program but can’t afford to pay full price. You will need to fill out an application and provide proof of income to qualify. Once you have filled out the application below you will be contacted as to which program you qualify for and what the next step will be.  Your pets must be healthy before being spayed or neutered. If the vet feels they are not healthy the procedure will not be done. Please make sure your pets are worm free if at all possible. We are limited on how many we can do in a month. Those that qualify will be on a first come first served basis unless a medical need for your pet to be spayed/neutered is urgent. Please send all questions to our email at, leave a message on our service at 855-599-7297 (PAWS) or direct your questions to us through our contact form on the “Contact Us” page.

All information is strictly confidential and is not distributed. Your application goes to an email seen by one person.

  1. Testing for worms and heart worms may be required.
  2. Your pet will not be spayed or neutered if they are not healthy.
  3. Payment for extra services provided by the clinic must be paid for by you at the time of service. SPC will not be responsible for additional charges.


For those that qualify your information will be retained for our upcoming Wellness Program. More information will be available soon.